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Hair Loss Center

If you are looking for manageable and attractive non-surgical hair replacements that suit your style, look no further than the custom wigs of Trucarma. With so many seasoned experts and hair loss solutions at your disposal, you will surely find what you are looking for.

At our center, we restore and replace your hair. In doing so, we also restore your confidence, your sense of play, and so much more.

Try our custom wigs and hair pieces today by booking a consultation online or contacting us at (682) 238-3234. We cannot wait to work with you.

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Treating Hair Troubles with Care

There are many options out there for those who want a non-surgical hair replacement, but there are few as customizable and attractive as ours. Not only will you fall in love with our hair loss solutions, but you'll also love the overall customer experience.

With our services, be sure to expect:

  • No-obligation, thoughtful consultations
  • Fast turnarounds on human and synthetic wigs and hair pieces
  • Helpful and honest answers to all questions
  • Incredible rates on wigs and services
  • And more

Whether you're experiencing temporary hair loss, partial thinning, patching, or complete hair loss, we can surely be of service to you. Let us restore your hair-and your confidence-today.

25 Years of Hair-Care in Our Center

There is much to learn about hairstyling, esthetics, and how to address hair loss adequately. With over 25 years of experience in the field of hair care, it is safe to our company's founder, Carma Bradley, who has learned more than most. Starting her career at Pivot Point International in Chicago, Illinois, Bradley quickly garnered many awards in her field. Despite these successes, Bradley has never stopped trying to improve the day-to-day lives of her clients.

Rest assured, we are the ones who can remove the problems associated with hair loss. What's more, we can do it for an incredible rate.

Attractive Hair Loss Solutions

Gone are the days of ill-fitting toupees. Our full (or partial) and naturalistic wigs look stunning, and they come in just about every shape, size, and style imaginable. Upon request, we can weave these accessories to your existing hair, as well. With so many options at your disposal, you will surely find something that compliments your facial features and restores your confidence.

Wigs Fitted to Your Style

Not only are our hair replacement options attractive-but they can only be accustomed to your liking.

Our goal is to satisfy the client. We want you to feel great about your new, naturalistic hair. We work with our clients to craft the perfect head of hair.

Your Hair Loss Solutions Are Waiting

Make time for yourself today. Call our hair center to learn about what we can do for you. Before long, you will have a non-surgical hair replacement to help you move through life with confidence and stress free.

Revitalize your life with our custom wigs and hair replacements today. Book online or call us at (682) 238-3234. Our hair-care representatives are always ready to guide you through journey to fabulous hair.

Trucarma Hair Styling

Revitalize your life with our custom wigs and hair replacements today. Call us at (682) 238-3234. Our hair-care representatives are always ready to take your call.

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During your visit to our new showroom we will guide you through the hair replacement journey and custom order the perfect naturalistic hair replacement solution for you. You will see and feel all your choices up close so you can get the hair of your dreams. Book your consultation online here