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We treasure your time so our Timeless services are designed to minimize the waiting and help you manage how you spend your day. Just look for the Timeless by Trucarma section when booking your next appointment. 

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The Hair Hackers

The newest addition to the Trucarma family! Located just south of downtown Arlington and minutes from the entertainment district. The secret to great hair is in the hacks.  Look Your Best & Save Your Time

A walk in hair salon in Arlington  offering express service even our hair extensions are fast.  Through ongoing education, our stylists stay up to date on the latest techniques to bring you the looks you want while respecting your time.

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Where Science & Nature Align

Our philosophy starts with our love of science and nature. How many times do we wish that the stars would align and things would fall into place. Hair sometimes seems to need a miracle to get the look just right. At Sizigē we believe that the best lab is right outside the doors. Using natural ingredients and the most current technology we can align the cosmos and give your hair the best environment to achieve healthier hair. Syzygy means a pair of connected or corresponding things. Most recognized in science when the sun, moon and Earth align during an eclipse. We can’t create an actual eclipse but with a great shampoo and conditioner we can help you create your best hair. Many shampoo and conditioners focus on one concern. At Sizigē we believe combining solutions with provide maximum results. If you have fine hair and tight curls you can choose the shampoo best suited for fine hair and conditioner for curls or vise versa if the curls are soft. Use the shampoo and conditioners in any combination to align your hair with its best solution for health and growth.

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Trucarma Institute

Increase Your Understanding and Reach Your Potential

Professional development is coming back. At Trucarma we are excited to introduce innovation and technology to our teaching and mentoring program.

  • Trichology Certificate
  • Alternative Hair Application
  • Advance Color
  • Understanding Texture
  • Cutting Beyond the Trim
  • Building Business
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During your visit to our new showroom we will guide you through the hair replacement journey and custom order the perfect naturalistic hair replacement solution for you. You will see and feel all your choices up close so you can get the hair of your dreams. Book your consultation online here