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At Trucarma we really love helping our clients with all their hair care questions and concerns. Special care should always be taken when you are styling your hair. Something as simple as shampooing can cause damage and breakage. We have a few tips and tricks from our experts to help you in your journey.

  1. Chemical services like color, Hi-lights, keratin and relaxers should be done by licensed stylist in a qualified salon. Proper application, processing and rinsing can can make the difference between healthy hair and hair loss.
  2. Hair is strong and fragile. When your hair is wet it is at its weakest. Dry hair should always be pliable and bendable before you brush, comb, twist, braid, fold, or pin to avoid breakage.
  3. Always move hands, combs, brushes, blow dryers and other tools in a downward motion to help the hair strands maintain healthy cuticles.
  4. Try to avoid sleeping on wet hair. When towel drying your hair do not twist the towel or scrunch the hair in your towel.
  5. While drying your hair or styling with heated tools less is more. Follow the one and done practice. Going over a section of hair repeatedly can cause severe damage. Remember once is enough, twice gets tricky, and three strikes you're out.
  6. For curly, wavy, frizzy, and unruly hair can be tamed with products that add weight, moisture, and promote smoothness. They should feel slippery and look shiny when you touch them.
  7. For fine, limp, and thin hair use styling products that have extra proteins. Proteins can add volume and structure to your hair helping you maintain strength and styles. These products will dry stiff so use small amounts on wet hair. You can also benefit from products that remove excess oil or help swell the hair. Try volume shampoo, clarifying shampoo, dry shampoo, and protein treatments and sprays.
  8. For damaged, weak, and fragile hair use moisture/protein/moisture regimens. Start with a hydrating shampoo, then a Protein reconstructor, followed by a Moisture conditioning treatment or leave-in. Damage hair needs a complete reboot and rebuild. Seek professional help, it may take your hair regrowing to restore it back to glory. But it can be done, just be patient and give it time and care. No Heat, No braids, No Chemicals. Just keep your styling simple.
  9. Styling products don't make hairstyles they make hairstyles better. A great haircut and color on healthy hair will not need tons of product. So rely on your stylist to shape and maintain a great style so you can spend less time styling.
  10. Being creative is a great way to avoid pattern damage. Change up your daily routine. Use different finishes to give your hair interest, but also to avoid damage from the same ponytail at the same spot because that's your go to bad hair day plan B. Try a hat for the store or a headband for your workout. A ponytail bun for work on Monday could become a side braid on Tuesday. Check out our Pinterest Pins for some inspiration.